Ophthalmic Instrument Surgical Supplies at Navi Mumbai

Ophthalmic Instrument Surgical is a general term that refers to the surgical tools used for various eye surgeries. Ophthalmic Instrument Surgical Supplies at Navi Mumbai can be classified into different categories, such as instruments for anterior segment surgery, posterior segment surgery, oculoplastic surgery, refractive surgery, and so on.

Each category may have specific instruments designed for certain procedures or techniques. Ophthalmic instruments can also be made from different materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, or plastic.

Some examples of ophthalmic instrument surgical are:

1. Eye speculum: A device that holds the eyelids open during surgery

2. Phacoemulsifier: A machine that uses ultrasound to break up and remove the cataractous lens

3. Vitrectomy: A procedure that removes the vitreous gel from the eye using a small cutting device and a suction tube

4. Blepharoplasty: A cosmetic surgery that modifies the eyelids by removing excess skin, fat, or muscle

5. LASIK: A laser surgery that reshapes the cornea to correct refractive errors

6. Keratoplasty: A surgery that replaces the damaged cornea with a donor cornea

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