Lasik Surgery Instrument Set – Medical Instruments at Mumbai: Surgical instruments are a wide range of tools, including common operating room instruments, basic surgery instruments, general surgical instruments, etc.

Lasik Surgery Instrument Set - Medical Instruments at Mumbai

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1. Cutting and Dissecting Instruments.
These instruments are designed specifically for making precise incisions, dissecting tissues, and separating structures.

2. Scalpels/Blades
Scalpels are the most well-known cutting instruments. They are made up of a sharp, narrow blade with a handle that allows surgeons to cut with precision and control.

3. Surgical Scissors
Scissors are versatile cutting instruments that can be used in a variety of surgical procedures.

4. Surgical Knives
Surgical knives are specialized cutting tools that are used to make deep, precise incisions. These knives have sharp, pointed blades & a handle that allows for a firm grip.

5. Surgical Rongeurs
Rongeurs are strong surgical instruments that are used to remove small bone fragments or soft tissues during surgery.

5.Grasping and Holding Instruments
During medical procedures, these general surgical instruments are required for manipulating and handling tissues, organs, or other materials.

6. Forceps
These are the most frequently used grasping and holding instruments by medical professionals. Surgical forceps are made up of two opposing arms that are joined at a pivot point and have handles for control.

7. Surgical Retractors
Retractors are tools that are used to hold or separate tissues or organs. They primarily enable surgeons to gain optimal exposure and access to the surgical site.

8. Needle Holders: Suturing Tools
Needle holders, also known as needle drivers, are specially designed common operating room instruments that aid in the holding and manipulation of surgical needles during suturing procedures.

Our surgical instruments are all made of high-quality materials like surgical-grade German stainless steel, titanium & tungsten carbide. These materials improve the durability, serializability, and corrosion resistance of our instruments. Contact us for Lasik Surgery Instrument Set – Medical Instruments at Mumbai.